Oslo Vognselskap – more than you think

Oslo Vognselskap is working in a large number of areas to ensure that Oslo's public rail transport becomes even more attractive.

  • The metro will be given a new signalling system and interlocking plant. This is a mammoth project that will result in increased transport capacity and greater flexibility on the metro. It is our job to ensure that the installation of the part that needs to go in the carriages is fulfilled in a good way and that the existing carriage systems work together with the new signalling system. The costs for the carriage upgrades are an essential part of the overall costs for the entire project.
  • By assignment to Ruter we are currently installing a new passenger counting system in all of the metro carriages. Together with the rest of the public transport family, we will thereby secure a better basis for the planning of the transport solutions of the future and creating good financial estimates.
  • Oslo Vognselskap has streamlined the maintenance programme for the metro carriages together with Sporveien. This has signifi-cantly reduced maintenance costs. This means that the carriages can be used in traffic more than they otherwise could and that they require fewer resources in the workshop. The savings resulting from these activities will, not least, be visible in Sporveien's accounts and are a crucial contribution to their efficiency programme and also a substantial contributor when it comes to increasing the number of carriages in service.
  • After the City Council transferred project management for the procurement of new trams from us to Sporveien, we have been offering experts who can contribute experiences from the metro procurement as an example. When Sporveien has completed the procurement, Vognselskapet will be ready to take over the stock and administer it in the same way that we currently administer all metro carriages and current trams.
  • Oslo Vognselskap has also taken the initiative for a number of projects to ensure that the public transport users of the future are just as happy as the current users: 
    • We are implementing activities to extend the service life of the oldest SL79 trams so that they can continue to work well until we take delivery of new trams in a few years’ time.
    • We implement upgrades, changes and renewal of metro carriages for the aim of making them appear as new by 2018.
    • We are establishing a new, modern database-based documentation solution for metro carriages. This ensures simple and cor-rect access to all documentation used by Sporveien in the everyday operation of the carriages.
    • In collaboration with AnsaldoBreda we are implementing extensive upgrades (with a value of NOK 200-300 million) to the new Italian trams, which will provide improved reliability, more trams in service and more attractive carriages for customers.
    • We are also undertaking several upgrade projects on the passenger and information systems in metro carriages. This will en-sure improved and more reliable information for customers as well as improving the user-friendliness for Sporveien employees.

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